Why you should choose the Expert hair dresser for a healthy hair cut?

Often you have seen the film starts in different haircuts in different movies. But have you ever thought that why they keep changing their hair style? While playing the different characters they need to look bold, manly and perfectly fitted. Their hair dresser chooses their hair style depending on the latest trends, fashion and the style that much suits their character.  Yes, you should choose the hair style depending on your style, face and character. And for that you need the best barber shop Toronto. Let’s see a few haircuts that suit the faces.

Hair styles for a rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is somewhere between oval and square, considering the different shapes of a man’s face. It is important in the rectangular face shape to make sure that the length of the face is not extra emphasized. Therefore, a hairstyle is recommended which is short on the sides and not long at the top. Rather, one should try to choose a balanced and well-proportioned hairstyle. It is therefore recommended a style in which the hair on the sides is rather longer or slightly falls over the forehead. This does not emphasize the length of the face too much. A three-day beard is a good compromise here.Common hairstyles that fit the haircut are the following for a rectangular face shape in men are Business Savvy– Style, the swoop, Front curtained hair style, and the fringe.

Hair styles for a diamond shaped face

The diamond-shaped face shape is rather rare in everyday life but it does exist. Therefore, the diamond-shaped face is characterized by the chin and foreheads are rather narrow and wide cheek in the center. Due to this shape, the selection should fall on hairstyles which bring structure and volume in the forehead or chin.The classic fringe style adds texture to the forehead, while longer hair styles worn behind the ears can be used to accentuate the diamond-shaped face shape. However, it should be ensured that the sides are not too short since this only affects the ears larger but you do not distract from the actual diamond-shaped face shape.Common hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face in men are Medium-to-long-length, Big Shape & Contrast, Wavy undercut with a rejuvenation of the hair, The Slick Back and modern side-part etc.

Conclusion: Hair styles for a heart shaped face

The heart-shaped face is noticeable by the fact that the forehead is very wide and tapers over the cheekbones to the jaw. Again, it is therefore important to find the ideal cut to make the own style well-proportioned. So it is necessary to avoid hairstyles which emphasize the narrow spots on the cheeks and chin too much. Common hairstyles for a heart-shaped face in men are Medium-to-long-length, Wavy / Curly, Long look and Messy.