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Basic Information on Medicare Plan A

if an individual is eligible for Medicare Part A, then he can have coverage as an inpatient in health care centers, hospice care, and hospital stays. In order to help people with their health care needs, the government has created the Medicare program which is an insurance for people who meets the qualification requirements for eligibility. Medicare is a help to qualified individuals who are in need of health care in order for them to be able to shoulder the medical costs. In Medicare Part A which is part of the original Medicare package, you receive insurance coverage for your health needs and this includes health home services, nursing home facilities, hospice, inpatient hospital stay, and none medical care institutions belonging to religious groups.

Here are the requirements to qualify for insurance coverage from Medicare Part A. The individual must be over the age of 65; If a person has a qualifying disability but has not reached the eligible age of 65; and those who are in the end stage of a terminal kidney disease.

Medicare Part A has no premium for individuals who have paid in Medicare Taxes at work. And if your wife’s salary is also being deducted for Medicare taxes, then it also holds true – no premiums. Medicare Part A is also for people who are over 65m and meet certain requirements of citizenship, but this is available for a cost. If you are a disabled individual who is over 65 but was able to go back to work in some capacity, Medicare Part A is not longer free but you can buy it for a price. There is a monthly premium for Medicare part A and when you purchase this you are also required to purchase Part B.

Medicare coverage will automatically begin on your 65th birthday, on the first day of the month, as long as you are collecting social security or benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board. 3 months before your 65th birthday, you can expect your Medicare card to be delivered through the mail.

For those suffering disability and are under 65, you gain eligibility for Medicare Part A 2 years into receiving social security disability benefits or RRB benefits. You can expect your Medicare card the first month of the third year. The moment they start receiving social security disability benefits, individual who suffer from Amyotrophic Later Sclerosis gets immediately eligible for Medicare Part A.

You should take steps to enroll for Medicare Part A even if you meet eligibility requirements if you are not currently collecting your RRB benefits, if you were a railroad employee, or you have social security benefits. You can find out how to enroll from the social security office 3 months prior to your 65th birthday.

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