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Remedy to Sweaty Hands with Iontophoresis Machines

One of the most embarrassing moments is when a person is unable to do their duties due to sweaty hands. Sweaty hands hand prevent a person from doing so many tasks that they are supposed to be doing. People with such states do not require to be in warm temperatures to be affected by such conditions. It is said to be imbalance of the somatic nervous system that occurs in many people in the world. People with these conditions find it hard to hold pens in class, work with computers or carry out other essential tasks using their sweaty hands. They are therefore uncomfortable in most occasions to the extent that they have started developing means of dealing with the situation.

Many methods of dealing with the situation have been devised but they seem not to completely cure the disorder. Use of dry towels is the method many people use to dry sweat on their hands but still find it difficult to control the situation when the sheets become soaked by the sweat. A Method that is now very effective in curing the condition is iontophoresis. This method was discovered to replace botox method of injection. This Method involves the blockage of sweat pores which are the passways of the sweat.

Involves dipping of the affected legs and hands in a container with treated water. A battery device is connected to the metal trays containing the water that is treated. Should be operated by a technician so that they can regulate the current accordingly to avoid shock. By regulating the dials one is sure that the amount of present is not harmful to the people who are using it. It is entirely painless so the patient should of fear feeling pain or being affected in any way. Purpose of doing this is activating some minerals that are put in the water for better treatment.

The minerals create a temporary thickness in the sweat pore and hence playing a huge role in blocking the sweat from coming out of the pores. This way of treatment is not permanent and should be therefore done once the condition starts coming back. Sweating of legs and feet is apparently eliminated by the use of this technique which is highly recommended for people with such conditions.

In case the skin feels irritated after undergoing the process one is advised to use Vaseline. It is possible to build an iontophoresis device at home when treatment of the condition feels expensive Dermatologist can be very helpful in referring the affected people to an excellent facility where they can get the services.

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